Irregular Menses: Is it normal to have irregular periods?

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Irregular Menses: Is it normal to have irregular periods?

Irregular Menses

Do you keep track of your periods, like when they began and for how long they lasted? If the answer to this is a big “NO”, it’s time for you to start paying attention!

Our menstrual cycle says a lot about our health as it impacts our physical, mental and even emotional health. While they don’t always go on like clockwork, if you are experiencing abnormal periods, you should probably be concerned about it.

What does it mean to have Irregular Menses?

Even though there’s not always anything serious to have Irregular Menses, it might be a good time to see your GP if you are facing the below symptoms,

  • Periods last for more than 7 days.
  • Heavy or less bleeding during periods than normal
  • The time between every period changes frequently
  • Struggling to get pregnant due to abnormal periods
  • Missed several periods in a row
  • Periods followed by pain, nausea, or maybe vomiting

Why does it matter?

Continually experiencing menstrual cycle changes can be a sign of severe underlying medical conditions such as PCOS ( Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), Premature ovarian failure, Endometriosis, to name a few.

Alarming yourself with relevant knowledge can help you seek medical advice and get diagnosed as soon as possible, thus helping you prevent any other potential issues.

What are the causes behind Irregular Menses?

Various causes can affect the length and timing of your periods; some may be normal, while others can be due to underlying severe medical issues.

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Stress and unhealthy Lifestyle
  • Constantly going on and off on contraceptives
  • PID or Pelvic inflammatory disease, a bacterial infection
  • PCOS or Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Extreme exercises
  • Eating disorders, unnecessary dieting, or excessive weight loss
  • Age factor
  • Other reasons for Irregular Menses include:
  • Cervical cancer
  • Heavy medications, mainly Steroids or Blood thinners (Anticoagulant drugs)
  • Complications linked with pregnancy


If your Irregular Menses has become a concern for you and impacting your health, you probably need to see your GP. The treatment, if it’s required, will depend on the underlying causes.

If you are at the onset of puberty or approaching menopause, having Irregular Menses is quite normal as the body undergoes various changes; hence you don’t need any treatment. However,

In PCOS, or overweight, losing your body weight may help you maintain a healthy cycle, and you will have better chances of ovulating.

Having Irregular bleeding after months of taking Hormonal Birth Control pills? Consult your doctor, and they may suggest different contraception.

Some experience changes in their periods as they practice extreme exercises. So, they may work out less intensely, and if stress is a problem, speaking with a counsellor can help you manage stress.

An Irregular Menses is often due to hormonal imbalance. Therefore, a Doctor prescribes contraceptives to maintain the levels of the hormones, mainly Estrogen and Progesterone. However, your GP may recommend other Hormone treatments.

Sometimes problems in the womb or the fallopian tubes lead to Menses; therefore, your GP may suggest surgery to correct the issues.

Self-care tips!

Self-care is highly crucial for having a healthy relationship with your body. Below are some self-care tips you can follow to take better care of your cycle!

Move up!

If you love to live a lifestyle that involves hours of screen time that you even forget to sleep to just binge-watch your favorite series, don’t look out anywhere for your problems! The main cause behind your irregular Menses is your lazy attitude.

The dire lack of physical activities is what causes hormonal imbalances and makes your periods suck. Well, want to know the way out? Just go and start exercising! At least half an hour a day?

·Sleep like a baby.

Your 9 in the morning and late 1 in the night sleeping schedule just for the sake of working because you forget to complete your homework or went out to party with buddies is really hitting up your menstrual cycle! Well, we hope you would have understood that ‘Sleep-Mark’ impacts your

overall health, and it’s needless for us to say just “SLEEP ON TIME”!

Don’t stress, mate!

Feeling stressed up? Well, when we are stressed, our body produces Cortisol, a hormone responsible for affecting Oestrogen (The female reproductive hormone that plays a vital role during menstruation). And that seriously messes up your cycle and thus poses significant health risks.

So, another time you feel stressed out. Give out a smile and remember that you have got to take care of your body!


Your period is the most essential and observable aspect of your health. And if you are struggling to conceive, maintaining a fertility calendar might be helpful. It might even help you keep track of your periods and help you determine whether they are regular or not.

Keep in mind that periods always don’t run like clockwork! And lastly, if you have any other concerns, it’s probably best to have a session with your doctor!

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