This Is a fertility technique that works within the IVF procedure. It intends to maximize the pregnancy rates while minimizing the risk of multiple births. At Alka IVF, our fertility experts are always there to support you. So, whether you are looking to manage your infertility issues, considering Blastocyst culture as fertility treatment, or just need peace of mind about reproductive health, family planning prospects, our IVF specialist in Udaipur, India, will gladly assist you!

Blastocyst transfer

In IVF, embryos are grown under controlled conditions in IVF laboratory and then transferred to the uterus within two to three days of fertilization; however, incubating embryos in the lab for up to five days let them develop into blastocysts. These blastocysts are much more advanced than the embryos developed for just 3 days and are more likely to produce fruitful pregnancy results as they have a better potential for implantation.

Why is the Blastocyst transfer so successful?

A Blastocyst transfer produces the best results and is considered preferable in IVF because it mimics the natural conception process by conventionally preparing your embryo to the appropriate stage. This synchronizes the development of the lining of your uterus and embryo to increase the chances of implantation.

Blastocyst culture exerts selection pressure on a group of embryos, implying only the strongest and fittest is chosen for the further stages. By selectively excluding slow-developing embryos before transfer level, Blastocyst culture increases the probability of transferring the embryo with the highest implantation potential, thus increasing your chances of experiencing a successful pregnancy!

Advantages of opting for a Blastocyst transfer with Alka IVF, the best IVF hospital in Udaipur, India.

  • Reduces the risk of multiple pregnancies

  • Allowing embryos to develop in the lab for a greater period makes it easier for our Embryologists to determine ones that are naturally the best for transfer or have a notable opportunity for successful implantation. This virtually eliminates the risk of high-order pregnancies as typically only one or two blastocysts embryos are transferred, having greater pregnancy rates. This new approach hasn't only increased success rates in the case of egg donation programs but has also proved revolutionary for couples concerned with multiple births.

  • Blastocyst stage as a reliable diagnostic tool

  • Culturing embryos to the blastocyst stage allows our IVF experts to observe and henceforth analyze how embryos grow; this makes it easier to understand why IVF treatment fails at times. Moreover, embryos that don't develop can be eliminated from embryo transfer, thus providing valuable information for couples/individuals to consider the best infertility treatment option.

    Wondering whether Blastocyst Transfer is for you? Well, if you have low egg reserves or your previous IVF attempts have failed on account of hindered implantation, a Blastocyst transfer may be an excellent option. However, it's always a better approach to consult with a fertility expert before opting for any Infertility treatment.

    Risks associated with Blastocyst transfer

    The Blastocyst transfer can be worthwhile for anyone whose chance of conceiving with IVF treatment is considerable. Though the risks associated with Blastocyst have no bearing on one's safety, unwanted outcomes such as multiple births and inadequate development of your embryos is possible if this procedure isn't conducted meticulously. Consider Alka IVF, the best clinic in Udaipur, India, as a companion on your fertility journey, and our experts will ensure that each step of your process is performed diligently!

    Alka IVF, the best IVF clinic in Udaipur, India, genuinely look after you!

    We acknowledge that undergoing infertility treatment can seem challenging at times, but with Dr. Alka as your fertility specialist, you wouldn't feel alone. Your fertility journey is as much of importance for us as it's for you. That's why the team of fertility experts at our IVF Centre in Udaipur, India, pledge to diligently support you throughout your fertility journey by offering clear instructions and extensive support sessions to help you get to know your fertility better. As one size never fits all, we aim to set the highest standards in the area of Infertility Treatment in Udaipur, India, by offering detailed individualized treatment plans tailored as per your body requirements and specific needs. So, rest assured that your fertility aspirations are in the right hands!

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