How to Increase the Chance of Getting Pregnant

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How to Increase the Chance of Getting Pregnant

Most parents understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. But what about pre-pregnancy?

Do these apply only to women or even men can contribute to the probability of infertility?

Avoid nicotine alcohol and other pollutants

Many studies have proven beyond beyond doubt that a healthy lifestyle is very much helpful even before fertilisation of egg and sperm i.e. pregnancy.

These pollutants can have a negative effect on fertility. Alcohol is a cell toxin that has a negative impact on fertility in females. Smokers can often take twice as long to become pregnant than non-smokers. Nicotine can change hormonal balance, cause irregular periods and slow down the maturation of eggs and affect the hormonal secretions from corpus luteum also. Progesterone is not produced enough which minimises the chances of pregnancy. Coffee can be enjoyed in moderation.

Nutritious diet

A nutritious diet rich in protein vitamins and minerals play a very significant role. Try to replenish the body iron reserves before pregnancy as these are in demand during pregnancy. A combination of vitamin C with Iron is good for its absorption. Folic acid, zinc and selenium all are also required before conception.

Importance of ideal weight

Both under and overweight is not a good idea for pregnancy. Woman who are severely underweight often do not ovulate or men straight. Low body fat can lead to insufficient leptin production an important reproductive hormone. BMI between 18 to 25 is the ideal for a woman. Overweight women not only face problems in conception even the pregnancy becomes very difficult to come till term as lots of pregnancy complications like high BP, sugar, growth retardation, preterm delivery are there in these women.

Are you on regular medications?

If you are on regular medications then you must consult your specialist doctor before planning pregnancy. Many medications like antidepressants, hormone containing preparations, agents to prevent hair loss, blood pressure medicines, neuroleptics can have negative effect. Many drugs can cause abnormality in the baby known as teratogenicity. Always consult your treating doctor if there are any available alternatives so that both you and pregnancy can be managed well.

Role of men’s lifestyle in trying to have children

It’s not only the mother, a future father should also strive for a healthy lifestyle. Caffeine common nicotine, alcohol, recreational agents, my Joanna, and other recreational agents all can have a negative impact on sperm quality. These can weaken the sperm and slow down their ability to move. As a result, they cannot reach and fertilise the woman’s egg easily. According to studies, smokers produce low sperm count. In addition, nicotine can lead to gene damage and other qualitative impairments of the male gene pool. A healthy diet that provides all the nutrients like zinc, folic acid selenium improves sperm quality and mobility. Obesity can decrease testosterone which is the most important sex hormone in men.

So to conclude it’s not only women’s responsibility, but men also contribute to infertility equally and both should have a good lifestyle to have a healthy pregnancy

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